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Al Karama Dubai Washing Machine Repair

There are so many issues that do come in the way of the washing machine spin dryer that can damage the whole of your appliance as well.
Washing machine spinning drying is common when you do not bring the perfect sum of cleanliness in it on high mediums.
This needs the immediate repairing. So right through this blog post, we will let you learn about the method of how you can repair the washing machine spin dryer.
Also, check our article on repairing washing machine PCB.

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A Complete Guide to Repair Washing Machine Spin Dryer
Al Karama Dubai Washing Machine Repair
It is not at all difficult to troubleshoot washing machine problems. When your washer does not, there could be a number of possible reasons.
You just have to search for the accurate one. Any kind of washing machine drum that does not revolve and spin is one of the most common washing machine problems.
Important Reasons for washing Machine spin Dryer and its Solution
Problem No #1: Drive Belt
Most of the people will suspect a problem with the drive belt as taken to be the reason for the drum not spinning. Nevertheless, the drive belt is very easy to check.
With the door of the washing machine open, you can hence try turning the drum. There will be some kind of the resistance, but if the belt has been all broken.
In that condition, the drum will turn more easily. If this is the main reason then you have to open up the access panel as with the machine unplugged just to replace the belt.
This is somehow taken to be a small and easy job. Al Quoz Second Dubai Washing Machine Repair
Problem No #2: Pump
You can often look for the problem that is lying in the pump as well. If you want to troubleshoot this on your washing machine, then you will be taking on with some of the access panels.
You just need to make sure that the washing machine is unplugged first and then you have to remove the pump.
You can see if the pump pulley has been all frozen by trying to turn it. If it is not turning, then it is the time when you will be replacing the whole of the pump.
The main problem can be in view with the belt. It could be broken or very worn. In either case, we would make you suggest with the option of the replacement of the belt.
Problem No #3: Lid Switch
If the lid switch has all stopped working, the washing machine will not be able to spin. It would not be working at all. As in order to access the switch, you have to remove from the top of the machine. Al Khabisi Dubai Washing Machine Repair
As the washer has been plugged in, then you have to depress the switch. You should make it click, but if it is not happening then the best way would be to replace it.
Problem No #4: Drive Motor
There are so many of the washing machines that do make the use of a reversing motor. This means that motor has been all running in one direction for agitating and in the opposite direction for spinning.
It would not be much usual to operate perfectly in one direction but you can make it burn in the other direction.
As there has been no such case, there is no option but to replace the whole motor.
Sometimes the main issues with the motor can sometimes be detected by an unusual sputtering just as during the washer's operation or even in the case of sparking underneath the machine.
Problem No #5: Motor Coupler
Some manufacturers make the use of the small motor coupling made of rubber and plastic. It is all the more mounted to both the motor shaft and the transmission of the washing machine.
Most of the times it can wear out or fail over time. A visual examination is much important to take into account for the sake of troubleshooting the problem.
If in case the motor coupler has been complete failures, then it is important to get it all replaced. This is quite a simple and small task to do.
Problem No #6: Clutch
Few of the brands of the washing machine use a clutch that would help the machine come up to the ideal spin speed.
When the clutch has worn out, the drum will be faced with some of the problems as reaching spinning speed or it might not spin at all.
It is important to replace it by taking the help of some professional.

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