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افتراضي Participant, Kew Media Sign TV & Digital Distribution Pact – Deadline

Green Book producer Participant has entered a multi-year distribution deal with sales outfit Kew Media Distribution to handle TV and digital rights on a selection of its future projects and library titles.
Participant works in the deal include the Oscar-nominated documentary Food, Inc.; the Emmy nominated Pressure Cooker; Sundance award winners 3 آ½ Minutes, 12 Bullets and Circumstance; SXSW winner The Great Invisible; and feature doc The World According To Sesame Street.
Kew will also handle rights to a limited number of the company’s upcoming documentary and narrative feature films.
David Linde, Participant CEO, said: “We do all we can to ensure that our programming combines the power of a good story, well told, with opportunities for real world impact. Reaching audiences around the world is central to the success of our work, and we are thrilled to grow our network of world-class distribution partners by working with Kew.â€‌
“Participant’s content really resonates with the growing voice of the â€کconscious consumer’ around the world. We look forward to working with them to grow that audience and to help bring global awareness to a multitude of topics through their high-end documentaries and fiction features,â€‌ added Kew’s EVP of Sales Jonathan Ford.
Participant’s recent credits also include ROMA and recent Toronto premiere Just Mercy.
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