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افتراضي Titanic, a Cry for a Classless Society: Marxist Criticism

"First class passengers only!" A sentence enough to describe the social injustice between the two classes, the exploiting and the exploited, in the 1997 film by James Cameron, Titanic. Titanic is a film generally seen for its iconic touch of romanticism from the love of two passengers of different social classes. Little did this creative narrative of social class struggle is too loud and too similar of the inequality happening in reality it can easily be bypassed by viewers for its normality. This review is here to face the inequality that happened between first class passengers and third class passengers in the said film.
As the film starts with the present day, it continuously goes haunted by the story of the past. Boarding Titanic, first class passengers live in luxury on the upper decks while the passengers from the lower classes are confined below. As disaster hits the deck of Titanic, the poor of the lower classes as well as the workers are locked below, leaving them to drown while outnumbered boats are filled with only the rich of the upper classes. The officers, by order, favor the lives of the few rich comparable to the thousand lives of the poor. The poor beg just for the same chance of survival but are not granted of their request. As the sharp blue water of the ocean swallows the Titanic, the social classes go along with it but marks of tragedy continue to be visible.
Titanic puts emphasis on the inequality and unfair treatment between the rich and the poor presented by a couple of class titles. The different treatments received by the passengers based off their social statuses, poor having treated badly while the rich receive an unimaginable option for survival are purely despicable. It is unimaginable how the society are unforgiving of their perspective towards the lower classes without considering the erasable damage of it to their people. Even more unimaginable is how the society see the worth of people depending on the amenities they can only afford. Imagine the cry of the poor people having them stripped off the same chance of mere survival the rich gain for just their social status. Even with their cold bodies, the cry of these people continues to cut through senses.
Overall, Titanic is a film successful of demonstrating the very famous ship and the stories that board it – even though fictional and tragic. It was able to bring forth history and drama into proportion with its well-written story and thought-of plot, heartfelt cries of characters, and a wonderful lesson. The film has outdone itself to just being a film. Not only it deserves praise for its excellence, it also deserves dwelling through the depths of its story. Personally, I see Titanic as one of those stories you do not just witness, it is a story you share for everyone to see.
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