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افتراضي I Love Gwyneth Paltrow. There. I Said It.

That Wellness file of mine was a shallow excuse to write about a favorite performer who, in the last decade or so, appeared to lose her zest for performing. I, at least, had trouble making do with her alongside Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man, playing Pepper Potts, his assistant then partner then wife then co-Avenger then widow. She was breezy with him but where was the beef? Between Marvel movies, I’d take what I could get. That meant watching her, on the Goop site, slice pork with Jon Favreau, drink margaritas with Seamus Mullen; fry chicken with John Legend — well, he fried his; she baked hers. Was Paltrow hiding, taking a vacation, retiring, making absurdly savvy business decisions? She’s got a good part, as a mansion-dwelling mommy with a secret life, on a new Netflix show called “The Politician.â€‌
The middle has gone out of the movies. And the middle was where Paltrow lived. Where else, besides streaming, would she even go now? Still, how could a person who seemed to act all the time, and at the height of her talent, gradually stop acting? Were there no roles that challenged her? She’s 47 now: Were there just no roles?
But last week, I finished “She Said,â€‌ a stressful new book by Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey about, in part, how they broke the Weinstein sexual harassment story for The New York Times. In an epilogue there is a gathering of a dozen very different women (lawyers, a fast food worker, Christine Blasey Ford) at Paltrow’s home where they talk about their experiences surviving and fighting back against a range of men. Among these women, she discloses the discovery that, even though she resisted him, Weinstein had been exploiting her success to prey upon women: How do you think Gwyneth has what she has?
“That has by far been the hardest part of this,â€‌ she tells the group, “to feel like a tool in coercion of rape.â€‌
Weinstein’s effect on the many women he’s alleged to have harassed, assaulted and worse remains largely private. For the actors, maybe he actively cost them work. Maybe what he did to them changed their relationship to their work. I’ve spent two years wondering whether Paltrow’s taste for acting had diminished because of that man, whether having his company seem synonymous with some of her strongest, most popular work compelled her to start a company of her own, one where the work concerned not acting but being, being whole, being better, being ridiculously better. How much power does a female actor truly have in Hollywood? Not just autonomous power, but the power to completely protect yourself from predation? Why not build something that doesn’t control you because it’s yours? Intelligence is an essential component of Paltrow’s screen self. She rerouted that intelligence into the kind of workplace some people wish they had.
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