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افتراضي The Moral Lesson for Disney's Aladdin

Children films make a great movie for a family movie night. These movies also have an added bonus that parents can benefit from. This kind of movie genre usually has some kind of moral lesson attached to it. The many animated movies by Disney are a great example of this.
In this article, I will talk specifically about one of Disney’s all time greats: Aladdin. Many across the world have seen this film since its release back in 1992. We all know the story of the peasant boy who lays eyes on a princess and falls in love immediately. Not long after, he discovers a lamp and out pops a 10,000 year old genie. Since the genie can’t make anyone fall in love, Aladdin uses his first wish to be transformed into a prince.
You probably know how the rest of the story unfolds, so no need for me to narrate any further. The main point is to discuss the moral of the story. Aladdin falsely believed that Jasmin would never love him if she knew his true identity: that of a common street rat. So he hides behind the guise of a prince. In other words, Aladdin pretended to be someone he wasn’t. This led to unforeseen consequences as it allowed Jafar to take hold of the lamp, become a sorcerer, and take over the palace.
Parents should use this as a learning example. They can explain to their children that if they want to make a good impression, all they have to do is behave as themselves, and not pretend to be anyone other than their true selves. This always applies whether trying to make friends at school, or trying to impress a boy or girl.
There is also another lesson in the movie. Aladdin had three wishes, he could have wished for money, wealth, world peace, or whatever. Parents should remind their children that genies don’t actually exist, so they can’t have their wishes granted through a simple rub of a lamp. However, their wishes can come true if they set a realistic goal, and work hard for it everyday. Emphasize that if they want it enough, then nothing is beyond their reach. They can cite how unlikely it was for a street commoner in Aladdin to win the heart of a wealthy princess, but he overcame the odds, and did it on his own, and not through making a wish.
These Disney films can be real valuable learning tools for parents if they distill the lesson to their children.
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