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افتراضي Hollywood Franchise Movies

Unfortunately the trend in movies these days, especially for the big budget movies is to continue a franchise that made money in the past and because of that the risk is less so Hollywood continues to make more of the same movie to complete the series.
Right now the worst example of this is the Hunger Games franchise which for me has the worse premise I have ever seen for any book or movie idea. The movie is about some time in the future where there is a TV game show where young children kill each other. The first film “The Hunger Games” was the worst of the 3 films in showing children killing children in the entire franchise and in one case, this movie showed a teenager killing a young child who was maybe 10 years old. The second film was not as bad because they had older kids in the TV show but it still showed scenes of violence with young adults. I have always been amazed that a concept this bad could have become so popular with kids that spawned a series of Hunger Games books and how 3 major movies.
In my opinion the third Hunger Games movie was by far the worst of the 3 but despite that this movie made a huge amount of money. This movie had no final TV game show at the end where young children were killing each other but what it did have was a long confusing movie about a “Mochingjay” and unless you read the books you would have no idea from the movie what a Mochingjay was. This movie was long, very boring and I amazed myself that I was able to sit through it for as long as I did.
The problem with Hollywood is both highly unfortunate but understandable. The executives know because of the popularity of a kid’s book that they have built in revenue. If the first movie in the series is very successful then this will guarantee many more of the same kind of movie. A great example of this is the Harry Potter books and subsequent movies, which were only entertaining for people who loved the books and for me, I found all of the movies long and very boring. Hollywood ultimately is about making money and its now becoming too risky to invest a great deal of money to make a movie that is both original, ground breaking and costs a lot of money. I see no solution to this problem and I hope that this does not lead to a movie world where we are only going to be seeing movies that are part of a franchise and movies that are only made because they were first popular as a children’s book.
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