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: Jun 2019
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President Donald Trump Tweetstorm – The Sunday Edition – Deadline

President Donald Trump had a busy early Sunday morning. He is now at Trump National Golf Course in Sterling, VA, for a few rounds. But before he left, he engaged in a tweet and retweet storm on Mark Levin’s appearance on this morning’s Fox & Friends.
Levin, author of Unfreedom of the Press,*laid into the current impeachment mania and particularly host Ed Henry. The complete video above, but the Commander-in-Tweet was clearly celebrating the sit-down in his morning communications.
We’ll update as the President returns later today to the White House. The tweetstorm so far:
Sorry Jill, I like Ed Henry but his question implied that the transcript specifically said “dig up dirt.” That’s the trigger word, “dirt.” It was never said. It’s misleading. You should read the transcript. It said “look into” and “WITH the Attorney General.”
— jim (@jpsal123) September 29, 2019
@foxandfriends A Sunday Morning; Amen Mark Levin, Preach Brother! You shut down Ed Henry and the fake news with the facts.
— Derek English (@BulldawgDerek) September 29, 2019
Love You Mark Levin for calling Ed Henry out on Fox News. Ed Henry has turned into fake news ship him to CNN. Get Ed Henry off FOX
— Jeanne (@jh690208) September 29, 2019
Mark Levin took Ed Henry, Fox News, to school and exposed Henry’s fake reporting and his misrepresentation of contents of document.
— Petrizzi (@ep2one) September 29, 2019
Wow Mark Levin just took Ed Henry to school on Fox! Hey Ed you best not mess with the great one!👏🏻👍🏻🇺🇸
— Rosie45 (@Rosie4517) September 29, 2019
I’ve generally been a fan of Ed Henry, however Mark Levin just completely destroyed him on Fox and Friends this morning.
— Duane Inskeep (@DuaneInskeep) September 29, 2019
Mark Levin just tore Ed Henry to shreds on Fox & Friends like I’ve never seen before. No wonder they call him the “The Great One”. Amazing.
— Ray Jones (@RJCCW) September 29, 2019
Ed Henry just got his ASS handed to him by Mark Levin. Yes Ed, go ask Joe Biden
— Joe (@nallieman) September 29, 2019

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