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افتراضي apartments in turkey for sale

apartments in turkey for sale
اضغط على الصورة لرؤيتها بالحجم الطبيعي

one of the first credos of real estate is location, location, location.

Arguably the next box to check off is having buyers climbing all over each other to bid to win the Istanbul property .

Unfortunately for the proud owners of the Rowan College at Burlington County’s former main campus, neither of these top two best practices of turkey real estate apply to the sprawling 225-acre tract of land surrounded by woods and wetlands on the edge of the New Jersey Pinelands.

A deadline for requests for proposals to buy and redevelop the property came and went in January without a single completed bid.

But the college is still trying to sell its former campus. It has an Olympic-size swimming pool and aquatics center that is still in operation, even though all 10,200 students enrolled at the college now matriculate at the more centrally-located campus in Mount Laurel. It also includes a student center and lecture halls for classes, all paid for and free of debt.

But it also comes along with a lawsuit between Burlington County and Pemberton Township, where the campus is located on Pemberton-Browns Mills Road. The township declared the property an area in need of redevelopment and challenged the college and county on usage after a for-profit business began renting some of the vacant facilities for soccer skills development without paying taxes. The county then sued the township claiming they didn’t have the jurisdiction to rezone it because it was county land.

The company has since moved out but the future of the pool and locals who use it, as well as the lawsuit, are still up in the air.

Meanwhile, college officials said recent published reports about the effort to sell the property has fueled new interests from potential buyers.

“There has definitely been increased interest for sure,” Michael Cioce, the college president said Wednesday. “Ultimately the property location, size and characteristic make it a unique.”

Cioce said it would be “naïve” for the college to envision selling the property to another college for a matching use but he said he could imagine another school of some type may have interests.

“Given the college’s priority and staying true to our mission it’s tough for me to have an opinion on what that campus should become,” Cioce said. “Multiple stakeholders have opinions on what it could be, should be, might be, what it will never be. Throughout this process we wanted to make sure everyone who has a say gets heard. Ultimately it would be my call, given the direction and strategy the college is pursuing at this time.”
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